Kyoto Wang Inter-Art Museum
Kyoto Wang Inter-Art Museum

Future exhibitions

2020/04/11 (Saturday) ~ 05/10 (Sunday)

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"E KOMO MAI" Building, Minami Kamiai-cho 32-1, Nishinokyo, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto, JAPAN

- Get off at JR (San'in Main Line) Enmachi Station. Exit from the main gate, turn right and enter Nishiji-dori. 5 minutes on foot.
- From Nishioji Oike Station (Kyoto Municipal Subway Tozai Line) Exit 3, go in north way through Nishioji street. 9 minutes on foot.

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- Taishimichi Bus Station: 26 (Kyoto Station), 91, 202, 203, 205 (Kyoto station)
- Nishinokyo Enmachi Bus Station: 93, 204

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Previous exhibitions

2019/07/06 (Saturday) ~ 03/22 (Sunday)

2019/07/06 (Saturday) ~ 03/22 (Sunday)

2018/12/08 (Saturday) ~ 06/16 (Sunday)

2018/12/08 (Saturday) ~ 06/16 (Sunday)

Establishment progress report

About the process up to the establishment of this museum and the signing of a friendship contract with the Gyeongnam Art Museum, the contents which can be announced at the present time are as follows.

Cheong Il Wang

Motivation for establishment

Chung Il Wang, in Japanese Sei Ichi Ou, Representative Director of Mitsukoshi Tochi Co. Ltd. is the initiator and the director of this museum. From young age he has a deep interest and inquiry into art and culture. During his activity like President of Mitsukoshi Tochi Co. Ltd. he collected art and craft works for a quantity roughly estimates in over 1000 pieces. The collection art works recording in a database is in progress, but accurate document completion is scheduled to be completed until the end of 2018 spring. Such circumstances became the reason for the museum establishment.Kyoto Wang Inter-Art Museum

Circumstances of art works collecting

Analyzing process and circumstances about the realization of this collection, is reasonable say that it is not only an outcome of a simple individual hobby activity. For sure Chung Il Wang loves arts, but he is also the Kyoto Headquarter President of the Korean Residents Union in Japan. Feeling the important responsibility of this role, he support strongly the Korean artists resident in Japan. As a result, the collection is not only a craft and art works series but is comprehensive of a large range across all the artistic fields. Here is also the reason why was inserted "Inter-Art" in the name of the museum. In the meantime, he collected and supported not only Korean or Japanese artists, but also artists all over the world with donations so now he is known as an international art collector. The intention of the art museum construction start form the social commitment that require the disclosure of the works collected even by an individual effort. In this way, it reached the realization.

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Kyoto Wang Inter-Art Museum

The perspective of the twinning with the the Gyeongnam Art Museum

As mentioned earlier, the concept of the Kyoto Wang Inter-Art Museum activities is reconsidered from the viewpoint of "Kiwa". Currently, The ongoing exam process for collecting all registration applications and publishing, considers works of all fields beyond the distinction artist/artisan and without being bound by any narrow theory of art area. The works are valued focusing on the intrinsic messages of the different expressions. In order to be recognized as fair and objective institution in research and arts Kyoto Wang Inter-Art Museum, although is a private institute, aiming to minimize selection/collection criteria based on dogmatisms as much as possible, made an agreement of twinning with an important Korean public institution like Gyeongnam Art Museum. One of the reasons for promoting the agreement with the Gyeongnam Art Museum was that Chung Il Wang was born in Gyeongnam Province and strongly believes in his homeland potentials. Another reason is that Gyeongnam Art Museum trusted a long-term cooperation activity in international projects with the Kyoto Society for Inter-Art Exchange.

Gyeongnam Art Museum
Gyeongnam Art Museum

Museum Administrators

Kyoto Wang Inter-Art Museum - Director: Chung Il Wang (Sei Ichi Ou)
Kyoto Wang Inter-Art Museum - Vice Director: Jo Ishida

Management Bureau

The Kyoto Society for Inter-Art Exchange is in charge for the museum administration practice.

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