ART Rainbow Project


At JARFO, we are engaged in the international exchange project named "ART Rainbow Project" as part of measures to support artists.

The beginning of the project originated from a program aimed at promoting cultural exchanges between the two countries established in the German-Japanese Association in Teterower, Germany. The concrete start of the exchanges between Japan and Germany goes back to the fact that four young artists from Kyoto, recommended by Japanese partner Kyoto Society for Inter-Art Exchange, received a request from the German side for a stay in Tetero. In the following 2005, three stone sculptors were invited to the same project. Following the course of such activities in April of 2006 Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. (mult.) Horst Klinkmann , President of the Rostock headquarters of the Independent Association DEUTSCH-JAPANISCHE GESELLSCHAFT, formally agrees with Ishida for a lasting exchange. The 1st and the 2nd Project name was "Plenair".

From "Plenair" to "Art Rainbow" ...

In the third round, we decided to implement a new project "Art Rainbow" under the framework of Mr. Johannes Kunzue, the new president. Specifically, the contents was that the works of the artists recommended by the Japanese side was exhibited at Rostock Municipal Museum of Art in 2007. 36 artists and observers participated. The exhibition was a huge success with more than 600 visitors a day. In this way a bilateral exchange project between Germany and Japan began.
In 2015 the country that hosted the exchange between the two countries was Japan. This time we invited artists from Germany and Korea.
Artists made and exhibited their works at the gallery space ART FORUM JARFO. The theme was "Toyo ORIENT · Seyo OCCIDENT". We believe that countries, even separate like Asia and Europe, can build through art strong connections crossing the borders like a rainbow. Asia seen from Germany and also Germany seen from Asia. We will look forward to this project with interest in mutual exchange as a kind of discovery.