ART Rainbow Project 2016

October 2016 Art Rainbow Project in Rostock (Germany)


Kyoto Society for Inter-Art Exchange (Japan)
Rostock Germany Japan Association (Germany)
Gyeongnam Art Museum (Korea)
Period: October 2 ~ 22, 2016
Participating Artist:
Masahiko Shinohara (photo)
Taruma Shoko (lacquer)
Tsutsumi Asuka (mixed medium)
Honjo Kenseki (calligraphy)
Yamagen Iwao (print)

In 2016 Art Rainbow Project was in its 10th year. Five artists from Japan and five from South Korea were sent to Rostock (Germany). After a stay at the design school "Da!" they presented their works at Rostock Art Museum.

Among the artists, the work of Yamagen Iwao that commemorating the 800 year of Rostock city, was bought by the city and in the future will be exhibited in the city hall.

Also, during the stay, the president of JARFO Mr. Ishida was honored in receive the honorary citizenship from Rostock City.