2021/10/19 (Tuesday) ~ 10/31 (Sunday)

Applying for...

Applying for...

Continuation is power

2021/12/03 (Friday) ~ 2021/12/25 (Saturday)
Application deadline: 2021. 11.04 (Thursday)

Applying for...

A widow's mite. Who gives little gives from heart.

2021/12/10 (Friday) ~ 2022/01/09 (Sunday)
Application deadline: 2021. 10.31 (Sunday)
Japan, 京都市

Kamihikôki (Paper Airplane) - last news

Today's virtual exhibition


Kyoto Wang Inter-Art Museum

Kyoto Wang Inter-Art Museum

In the effort to contain the coronavirus, the number of people admitted to the entrance is limited.

International exchange

Where good people gather
Good culture is born and rebuilt

Let's build together an organization where the number of hearts are set a high value than the number of people